Lisa Goldman

Writer, Editor, Journalist, Consultant

Lisa is an award-winning journalist who reported for over a decade around the Middle East, from her home base in Jaffa. Currently she is based in New York City where she works as an analyst, editor, consultant and translator. She writes and speaks widely, publishing in major newspapers and magazines, delivering guest lectures at universities and appearing regularly on news and current affairs programs for radio and television.

Lisa is one of the founding editors and contributing writers of +972 Magazine, a Tel Aviv-based digital-native news and commentary site. She is the former director of New America's Israel-Palestine Initiative, and the former Tel Aviv-based producer for Corriere Della Sera, one of Italy's oldest and most prominent newspapers.

Lisa's fields of expertise include international political policy and equity markets, journalism, social media as a reporting tool, the convergence of technology and public policy, human rights issues, Israel-Palestine and the wider Middle East.